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The joke answer to the question of who I am as a mathematician is that I'm the franken-baby of Marcy Robertson and Zsuzsanna Dancso, my delightful supervisors. Closer to the real answer is that I enjoy using topology (in particular a lot of knot theoretic notions) in order to reckon with algebraic concepts (see Research for a less vague answer). I suppose that makes me an algebraic topologist, or perhaps a knot theorist, though I'm not fully either of them. 

My mathematics journey started straight out of high school, starting a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of Melbourne in 2015. Having grown increasingly interested in furthering my mathematics education, I fatefully participated in the university's summer Vacation Scholarship program. In that program, I found myself mentored by Marcy and doing a project about the links between braid groups and mapping class groups. The project solidified my desire to go on with my mathematics education, and sparked my interest in knotted objects popping up in other places. 

Following on from my undergraduate degree, I started a Master of Science (Mathematics) at the University of Melbourne in 2018. The degree was supervised by Marcy, and my research thesis was entitled 'Symmetries of trivalent tangles: approaching the link between Drinfeld associators and Kashiwara-Vergne solutions'. The project was inspired by a paper co-authored by Zsuzsi and her collaborator Dror Bar-Natan, lovingly known as 'WKO2'. .

Inspired by this project, and my collaborations with Marcy and Zsuzsi, I made the decision to try and extend the project into a PhD. Which lead me to start a joint PhD between the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney in 2021. 

One circle, with two half circle tangent to it, with their corners touching at a right angle.





B.Sc (Pure Mathematics)
University of Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia



M.Sc (Mathematics)
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia



Ph.D (Mathematics)

University of Melbourne /

University of Sydney

Melbourne / Sydney, Australia