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About Me.

I am an Australian PhD student currently based in Melbourne, Australia. I am supervised currently by Marcy Robertson (University of Melbourne) and Zsuzsanna Dancso (University of Sydney). Broadly speaking, my research interests during my PhD have lain in using low-dimensional topology, and particularly knot theory, to reckon with questions in both Lie theory and quantum algebra. Further details on my research can be found on my Research page. 



Doctor of Philosophy

University of Melbourne/

University of Sydney

Group of 8 Joint PhD program. Jointly supervised by Marcy Robertson and Zsuzsanna Dancso. Expected completion between May and November 2024. 


Master of Science
University of Melbourne 

Master's degree by coursework in Mathematics and Statistics. Supervised by Marcy Robertson


Bachelor of Science 
University of Melbourne

Major in Mathematics and Statistics with specialization in Pure Mathematics. 

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